Friday, 25 December 2015

Considrations Before Buying Garage Doors

Four basic varieties of garage doors exist.  There are those that roll up, slide to one side, swing out and swing up.  Swing-out doors are ideal when a clear ceiling is needed and they also give the home a distinctive look.  However, sectional roll-up garage door are the most popular choice among homeowners.

Making a Choice

Choosing a garage door that complements the style of the home is extremely essential.  For example, a Craftsman bungalow would benefit functionally and aesthetically from swing-out doors.  This is especially true for doors reminiscent of those found on early Craftsman houses.  A number of manufacturers of modern roll-up doors design them to copy the swing doors made in that era.  They even reproduce strap hinges for the sides.

Most of the available styles, whether traditional or modern, have detailing such as panels and trims.  Garage doors designed with a true frame and panel construction are typically a lot sturdier than others with decorative details that are glued on or nailed to them.  Glass panels are incorporated at the top of many different designs.  This enables light to enter the space and it also adds to the curb appeal of the home.  In addition, there are roll-up garage doors available with frosted shatterproof or plastic glass panels.  This provides the home with a more contemporary look and feel.

Commonly Used Materials for Garage Doors


The authenticity and charm of wood can only be imitated by other materials.  These doors can be locally made and customized.  They are tough and can withstand the rigors of everyday used and games typically played in the yard.  However, they require regular repainting or refinishing.  This is particularly so for homes located in damp climates.  These doors range between mid-price and super expensive.  The cost is largely based on whether they are lightweight, insulated wooden frame or authentic frames.


When compared to wood, this is a better alternative if you prefer a garage door that is easier to maintain.  Steel leads the pack when it comes to the level of durability provided at a relatively inexpensive cost.  Bare steel will become rusted and as such, you should touch up scratches promptly.  It should also be noted that steel is prone to denting.


Low-priced aluminum doors were common once; however, sturdier versions with laminated panels have largely replaced the cheaper versions.  The updated versions are hard wearing and resistant to dents.  These rugged and rust-proof doors are ideal for individuals whose budget will allow them to pay upwards of $10,000 for a garage door.

Additionally, the cheaper versions of the aluminum doors use other materials to make the frames and panels.  High-density polyethylene is one of the materials used.  Because of its light weight, this type of material is ideal for garages with extra-wide double doors.  This is because it will not cause strain on the operating mechanism. Visit us here.

Garage doors are typically a focal point of the home.  Therefore, they should complement the style of the home, add to the curb appeal and most importantly, add value to the property.